This website SITE is intended to offer an ever evolving insight into my practice: both as an artist and a worker. I am using the categories of Projects, Services and Collaborations to provide multiple entry points into my work. Ideally visitors will be able to make links between each of these sections, as an important aspect of my artistic production is recognizing the ways in which all of my labour (artistic and otherwise) overlap in ideas and ideals.

I am not restricted by medium, instead my works take on the forms required to best represent the ideas and concepts considered by each project. In many of my works I bring everyday items into the rarefied space of the gallery, and it might not always be clear what constitutes the work. My practice produces a minimal amount of waste.

I take on many different roles and positions in order to make it possible for me to make my work and my life sustainable. Gig work, such as cooking and preparing crew lunches, providing education workships, djing parties, working as a house painter or as a barista in a coffee shop, allows me time and flexibility to make work as an artist.

As I am not tied to any specific medium I often work with others to produce aspects of my work. This assistance is integral in helping me to realize my vision into material. With such a focus on labour in my work, it is important that these workers are paid fair labour costs when helping to produce work.

You Do What You Love Because You Do One, Two, and More than Two

You Do What You Love Because You Do One, Two, and More than Two

In Response to an exhibit at the Power Plant One, and Two, and More Than Two (2013), by Toronto-based artist Micah Lexier  that displayed over 200 new and recently created artworks and objects by 101 artists/duos/collectives in and around Toronto, I invited 101 artists to give object/s of their choice from their work places (outside their studios/art practices). The Objects were displayed filling the entire front room of  the gallery space, labeling each artist’s name, occupation, and the brief description highlighting the dismissed labor that facilitate and make it possible to be a practicing artist. In You Do What You Love Because You Do One, Two, and More Than Two, the installation follows the steps of AU TRAVAIL / AT WORK a “project based on a call for collaboration which is open to all.  This experimental project urges artists and workers to consider their workplace as a site of artistic residence”. AU TRAVAIL /AT WORK was created in 2005 in Montreal as a movement to celebrate and highlight artists work places and materials they use as their own studio/practice and encouraged people from around the world to perpetuate similar works, gestures, projects in order to transform the idea that: “There are shitty jobs everywhere; that’s my freedom”, into loving what you do and make it art instead of just doing it to sustain your art practice/self. You Do What You Love Because You Do One, Two, and More Than Two, attempts to elevate the value of highly skilled individuals/artists in their outside work and create a significant meaning to culling hundreds of objects in one space as an art work and away from misrepresentations of the Toronto artists working community in a sterile/museum environment.

Credits and Thank You's:

SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Centre) and Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant 2015

Special thanks to Manolo Lugo and Mohammad Rezaei (project assistance)

THANKS TO all the participating artists:
Alana Bartol, Alexis Mitchell, Ali El-Darsa, Alia Toor, Aliya Pabani, Alize Zorlutuna, Allison Row, Amber Landgraff, Amy Lam, Amy Wong, Anni Spadafora, Anthony Cooper, Anuta Skrypka, Atanas Bozdarov, Benjamin Edelberg, Bishara Mohammed, Bojana Videkanic, Cara Spooner, Charlene K Lau, Charlie Murray, Chris Boni, Christine Walker, Coman Poon, Daniel Frawley, David Hanes, David Khang, Dennis Hale, Diane Borsato, Ellyn Walker, Emily Hogg, Eugenio Salas, Fareena Chanda, Faye Mullen, Felix Kalmenson, Flavio Trevisan, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Gabriella Solti, Gina Badger, Golboo Amani, Grant Heaps, Haley Uyeda, Henry Chan, Indu Vashist, Irene Loughlin, Iris Fraser, James Gardenier, Janis Demkiw, Jenal Dolson, Jess Dobkin, Jessica Karuhanga, Jessica Vallentin, Johanna Householder, Johnson Ngo, Joshua Vettivelu, Julia Dickens, Julian Calleros, Julieta María, Julius Manapul, Kate Barry, Katie Bethune-Leamen, Keith Cole, Khalid Al Nasser, Laura Simon, Liana Schmidt, Lili Huston- Herterich, Lisa Folkerson, Liz Knox, Logan MacDonald, Lyndsey Cope, Maggie Flynn, Manolo Lugo, Marisa Hoicka, Mark MacKinnon, Meghan McKnight, Melissa Fisher, Mikiki, Miles Collyer, Miles Forrester, Miles Stemp, Mohammad Rezaei, Nahed Mansour, Nathaniel Addison, Rachel Ludlow, Radiodress (Orev/Reena Katz), Rea McNamara, Rehab Nazzal, Rita Kamacho, Rodrigo Marti, Ryan Clayton, Sean Martindale, Sebastian Butt, Sharlene Bamboat, Shauna Jean Doherty, Simlâ Civelek, soJin Chun, Sook-Yin Lee, Stefan Herda, Stephen F Fisher, Steven McLeod, Travis Freeman, Vanessa Bee Rieger, Wallis Cheuns, Zoë Solomon