This website SITE is intended to offer an ever evolving insight into my practice: both as an artist and a worker. I am using the categories of Projects, Services and Collaborations to provide multiple entry points into my work. Ideally visitors will be able to make links between each of these sections, as an important aspect of my artistic production is recognizing the ways in which all of my labour (artistic and otherwise) overlap in ideas and ideals.

I am not restricted by medium, instead my works take on the forms required to best represent the ideas and concepts considered by each project. In many of my works I bring everyday items into the rarefied space of the gallery, and it might not always be clear what constitutes the work. My practice produces a minimal amount of waste.

I take on many different roles and positions in order to make it possible for me to make my work and my life sustainable. Gig work, such as cooking and preparing crew lunches, providing education workships, djing parties, working as a house painter or as a barista in a coffee shop, allows me time and flexibility to make work as an artist.

As I am not tied to any specific medium I often work with others to produce aspects of my work. This assistance is integral in helping me to realize my vision into material. With such a focus on labour in my work, it is important that these workers are paid fair labour costs when helping to produce work.

The Very Long Lunch


Warkworth Ontario Canada

The Very Long Lunch

The Very Long Lunch started at 2:15 PM on Sunday Agust 16th, 2015 with the last seating of the celebrated Long Lunch event in Warkworth Ontario, and continue to serve its comfort country specialties through-out the day /or until food lasts. A recipe booklet was produced recording dishes that have been served for the last 12 years.

The Very Long Lunch did not try to add or change anything to the tradition of the the Long Lunch event, recipes or location. It used the the actual seating, tents, prepared dishes and It witnessed the dismantling process of  the temporary open air dining area.


Curator: Faith Moosang. Organizer: Tania Thompson

Credits and Thank You's:

Photo credit for Image #1 and #2: Dustin Rabin

Thanks for the town of Warkworth, Ontario for hosting us. and Special thanks to the Long Lunch organizers .